Concept Cabins & Construction are proud to introduce a fantastic new product. We will soon be retailing and installing a range of new social spaces where you can cook and entertain your family in a cozy outdoor environment. We are delighted to bring to the market these fantastic BBQ Huts. A cosy BBQ hut will allow you to spend precious time with family and friends whilst comfortable and warm whilst cooking up a feast on your grill. All of our BBQ huts are designed to fit your family and friends in comfort, meaning everybody can relax and feel great inside.

We will soon be offering a range cabins which are manufactured with great attention being paid to even most minor of details, allowing us to guarantee that you will love the innate quality. For your convenience, all grill cabins come with bitumen shingles, integrated wooden all-around benches, a metal grill and chimney as standard. Our BBQ Huts offer a unique space for socialising allowing you to get your family and friends together and start grilling!