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Garden Room

Our stunning range of Concept Cabins, from beauty to home office garden rooms, are our flagship construction projects. They’re not only guaranteed to make your garden the envy of all your neighbours, but they will add considerable value to your home.

We will build our clients in the West of Scotland a completely bespoke garden room to suit any garden design they require. We can design and construct large garden rooms for open space properties, small garden rooms for those with less space, garden room extensions, garden room conservatories, insulated garden rooms or any type of Concept Cabin you require. Rest assured that your living area will be beautifully equipped for your needs, with you able to enjoy home comforts in your garden at any time of the year.

To top off our work, we will also completely redesign your entire property to suit your new Concept Cabin, providing professional groundworks and landscaping services.

And with our recently built online Concept Cabin store, we can now ship our self-assemble cabins, BBQ huts, glamping pods and sauna cabins all over the UK. So you can now easily build your own cabin with our detailed instructions or have our joiners build them for you.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Enjoy browsing some of our work.

Third Bespoke Garden Room pic
Garden Room

“I would highly recommend George and his tradesmen. Our cabin and decking were finished to an excellent standard and the work was completed on time.
We have a functional yet beautiful addition to our garden space.”

Garden room office

Home Office Garden Rooms

Our fully insulated garden home offices are the perfect solution to your working from home needs.

Tailored in size and features to your requirements, ensuring you will have a small or large garden room depending on your needs, Concept Cabins & Construction will see to it that your home office is well ventilated in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. So no matter the time of year, you will have all the space you need in order to concentrate on your work.

We will build your beautiful cabin office in Scotland and set it up with all the necessities, including electricity and, if required, plumbing.

A garden home office is the perfect solution to having a roomy office at home.

Garden home office from above
Garden home office

“George, Liam and the boys are first class. From the initial chat, their punctuality, attitude and world class craftsmanship.
Wouldn’t use anyone else!!”

Soundproof Studio Garden Rooms

Our soundproof studio garden rooms are the perfect answer for musicians looking for the space and solitude needed to be creative.

We will make certain that your garden music room is built to your bespoke tastes, with everything you need in order to do your work. All electrical supplies and insulation will be included.

Your soundproof studio garden room will be constructed so to minimize the escape of any sound, helping to ensure the highest quality of music, with the added bonus of no upset neighbours.

Beautiful soundproof garden room
outside a soundproof garden room
outside soundproof studio garden room

“Outstanding workmanship, a very pleasant and helpful team. Such vast experience. Always accommodating to your requirements. Chuffed with my extension to say the least.

Thanks again to Liam and George”

Garden room guest house

Guest House Garden Rooms

Your guests will have the perfect place to stay over, all without disturbing the normal flow of your home. We’ll build your own bespoke guest house garden room which will not only result in your property becoming the envy of your neighbours, it will also increase the overall value of your home.

You can choose the size and features that you would like present, resulting in the perfect garden room with a bathroom and shower, bed and even kitchen if required. Large or small guest house garden room – it’s your choice.

Contact us by phone, email or online form to discuss how we can transform your property with our stunning guest house garden rooms in Scotland.

inside our guest house garden rooms
inside guest house garden room

“Highly recommend this company, we were asked for our opinion at every stage of the build. Always punctual, good communication. Informative, we were kept informed of progress and any necessary changes. We felt confident in just leaving them to get on with the job.”

Beauty Garden Rooms

Our beauty garden rooms in Scotland are perfect for beauticians, stylists, hairdressers and even masseuses. If you usually work from home, then these are the perfect alternative to inviting clients into your personal space.

We can design and build your beauty garden room to your individual tastes, resulting in a beautiful cabin to match your profession. You can have a small garden room built on your own property if you’re just starting out, or you can have a large garden room built on property you lease elsewhere – we can accommodate you at any stage of your business.

Our beauty room can also be built as a garden room extension and all of our cabins come fully insulated to ensure maximum comfort for your clients.

beauty garden room mockup
Outside of beauty garden room
Beauty garden room extensions

“Great firm would highly recommend to all my freinds & family members”

Garden playroom inside

Garden Playroom

Ensure your children have somewhere safe to play within your own property, that is simple and easy to clean without having to worry about where they are and whether they’re up to mischief. Our modern garden rooms can be designed with your family in mind.

Our garden cabins can be adapted to serve as a nursery for child minders, making them the ideal solution to those looking to start their own business. They offer an insulated space away from your own home where you can easily monitor and attend to your children.

Our garden playrooms are built bespoke to include anything you might need to ensure a safe playspace for your children.

inside a playroom garden room
Inside our graden playrooms

“Work was carried out when agreed and to a very high standard. Advice was given on what had been done daily and what was expected to be done the following day. No problems, no issues, just a superb job with none of the usual irritations/frustrations associated with such work. A great job and contractor offered good advice ( not the most expensive), was readily available and inspired confidence. He did what he said he would do and when.”

Spa Garden Rooms

Our luxury spa garden rooms will be the highlight of your property. Whether in winter or summer, our ventilated and heated bespoke cabins will make you the envy of your neighbours.

Enjoy coming home from a hard day’s work to relax in luxury in your very own spa garden room in Scotland, with all the bells and whistles. We’ll set you up with wall mounted televisions and the perfect spa for your enjoyment.

Or if you’d prefer, you can opt to have your spa as part of a large garden room, which could include anything from a gym to a games room with bedrooms to enjoy true luxury all within your own property.

We can design and build our spa garden rooms anywhere in the West of Scotland, but they will also be arriving soon to our online store.

Spa garden room
Garden room spa
view of spa from inside garden room

“Great job and excellent workmanship. Highly recommended.”

Garden Room With Toilet and Shower

We can build you a garden room with toilet and shower, to add some functionality to your luxury. Our tradesmen will handle all the plumbing and fittings to the highest level of professionalism.

A bathroom is often the main selling point for any property, with a beautiful bathroom often adding thousands of pounds to the value of your home. Estate agents find that a stunning bathroom will often be the clincher for people looking to buy. With your garden room with toilet and shower, you will not only have your bathroom in your home as an opportunity to add value to your property, you will also have a stunning bespoke cabin with its very own beautiful bathroom.

We can add a bathroom and shower to small gardens rooms or large garden rooms, depending on our client’s specific needs.

garden rooms with toilet and shower
toilet and shower in garden room

“Very professional and polite and courteous . Very little disruption to my home and the workers were great at tidying away as they were working . The transformation was night and day . I was absolutely delighted with the work they done and would recommend them to everyone as I couldn’t have asked for any better and I still love my kitchen and flooring .”

Affordable Finance

We are very excited to announce that after a lengthy process that Concept Cabins & Construction is now fully registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we are proud to be a Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) for our finance partners Ideal4Finance.

This means we can now offer affordable monthly payment options on ALL of our products as service.

So if you’d love one on our cabins, BBQ cabin, new kitchen, extension/conversion, resin drive or path, landscaping work or any of our other joinery/construction services, get in touch and see how we can help.