Concept Easy Cube 3 x 4m

Our Concept Easy Cube 3 x 4m can be customised in any way you require. Create the small garden room of your choice by adding a sofa and TV for a games room, a bed for a guest room, or use it as an office, hair salon or beauty room. It is compact, affordable compared to many other garden rooms and adds a fashionable contemporary look to any property.

Constructed using the finest spruce timber with with 4mm single glazing windows and full insulation, your Concept Cube with be able to withstand even the worst of the British weather. Warm and inviting in the winter, while protected and ventilated in the summer, there is no better way to enjoy a garden room.

Your compact cube has been designed for easy and quick installation so anyone can build their very own garden room. Enjoy entertaining friends in your garden with your modern garden cube as the central hub.

Your garden cube comes with free delivery and can be constructed by our very own Cabin Kings for the additional fee of £400, with full electrical installation available for a further £450. It is also available with detailed instructions for self-assembly.

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8 people











Exterior cladding


External dimension

3140 x 4030mm

Door size

3000 x 2200mm

Window size

1000 x 2200mm


It is of paramount importance that your Concept Easy Cube 3 x 4m rests on a sturdy foundation. If the foundation is not properly prepared then it may affect the durability and lifespan of your cabin.

Problems that can occur include:

  • Cracks in the structure of your Concept Cube
  • The shape of the building may be altered, resulting in alignment issues with doors and windows, along with spaces forming between the timber
  • Insulation will as a result be affected
  • In extreme cases, improper foundation can result in a structure completely collapsing

It is recommended that you construct your foundation using concrete and apply some form of waterproof sealing for insulation. It should be tightly compacted and consist of the same material – do not build your cabin on uneven or soft ground or, for example, halfway on block paving and halfway on grass.

As this is the case, we recommend consulting a professional contractor if you are unsure as to the quality of your foundation or how to prepare it on your own.

The drawing provided is provided as a guideline for the proper foundation required for your garden cube.

Man Cave garden room foundation drawing

Important – if your foundation is improperly constructed then your warranty will become void, so it is of paramount importance that you adhere to our instructions. 


The wood of your garden cube will naturally deteriorate without the proper treatment. We recommend treating the wood with some form of preservative as is required for all wood products. This is especially important when it comes to the doors and windows of your wood cabin in order to prevent the build up of moisture which can cause problems with damp. If the wood is not treated then this can also have an adverse effect on its appearance, with a changing of colour.

It is also recommended that you keep the pipes open all year, which will also help prevent moisture build up and damp issues.

In addition, we also recommend for the lifespan of your cabin that you paint it with paint designed to protect against the elements. This will require a paint designed for unprocessed softwoods

If you have any questions about maintenance of our Concept Cube products, please contact us using our contact forms.

Usage and Safety

  • Always keep fire safety equipment nearby, including a fire extinguisher, and take care if using camping equipment that puts the inhabitants at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also recommended you install a smoke alarm.

If you have any questions about usage and safety of our Garden Rooms then don’t hesitate to contact us


Your Concept Easy Cube 3 x 4m is delivered unassembled. Complete and detailed self assembly instructions are included, with drawings.

It should take two people approximately 6 hours to assemble your cabin.


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