Concept Sauna Cube With Lounge 4 x 3m

Our large and spacious Concept Sauna Cube With Lounge 4 x 3m for sale is perfect for those looking for a luxury outdoor sauna to bring their garden to the next level. Enjoy the induced relaxation of a sauna with family and friends all throughout the year, with plenty of room for changing and relaxing after your are finished.

Housing up to 6 people, our outdoor sauna cube and its lounge are constructed of the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Its wool-steel insulated walls are made of sturdy spruce, while its wooden tempered glass utilises hydro-insulating SBS for maximum waterproofing.

This sauna is the ultimate addition for those looking for a luxury outdoor sauna to make their garden truly stand out.

Your Concept Sauna Cube With Lounge 4 x 3m comes with free delivery and can be constructed by our very own Cabin Kings for the additional fee of £500, with full electrical installation available for a further £450. It is also available with detailed instructions for self-assembly.

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6 people









Sauna area




Wall height


Exterior cladding


Interior cladding


Wall thickness



50mm rockwool

External dimensions

4286 x 3286mm

Door size

2000 x 2200mm


It is of paramount importance that your Concept Sauna Cube With Lounge 4 x 3m rests on a sturdy foundation. If the foundation is not properly prepared then it may affect the durability and lifespan of your cabin.

Problems that can occur include:

  • Cracks in the structure of your sauna cabin
  • The shape of the building may be altered, resulting in alignment issues with doors and windows, along with spaces forming between the timber
  • Insulation will as a result be affected
  • In extreme cases, improper foundation can result in a structure completely collapsing

It is recommended that you construct your foundation using concrete and apply some form of waterproof sealing for insulation. It should be tightly compacted and consist of the same material – do not build your cabin on uneven or soft ground or, for example, halfway on block paving and halfway on grass.

As this is the case, we recommend consulting a professional contractor if you are unsure as to the quality of your foundation or how to prepare it on your own.

The drawing provided is provided as a guideline for the proper foundation required for your garden sauna.

Foundation drawing for sauna cube

Important – if your foundation is improperly constructed then your warranty will become void, so it is of paramount importance that you adhere to our instructions. 


The wood of your sauna cabin will naturally deteriorate without the proper treatment. We recommend treating the wood with some form of preservative as is required for all wood products. This is especially important when it comes to the doors and windows of your wood sauna cabin in order to prevent the build up of moisture which can cause problems with damp. If the wood is not treated then this can also have an adverse effect on its appearance, with a changing of colour.

It is also recommended that you keep a container full of water inside when not in use.

In addition, we also recommend for the lifespan of your cabin that you paint it with paint designed to protect against the elements. This will require a paint designed for unprocessed softwoods.

The sauna should be kept well ventilated at all times to avoid moisture and mould.

Ensure you use natural cleaning products only to prolong the appearance and lifespan of the product.

If you have any questions about maintenance of our sauna cube products, please contact us using our contact forms.

Usage and Safety

Ensure that anyone who is using the sauna is aware of the potential health risks before they enter.

Make sure to remove any packaging from your heater before using the sauna.

Do not operate without first checking that the tank is filled with water.

Ensure no flammable items are in the vicinity of the heater before or during its use.

Keep the area around and above the sauna clear of any obstructions.

Make sure the thermometer isn’t situated near the heater during use, as this can result in inaccurate readings

The recommended maximum time one should spend in a sauna is around 15 minutes before taking a break to cool down, and people with health conditions, including a heart condition, may be at risk due to the high temperatures.

It is vital that you read and understand the included instructions for using this product.


Your Concept Sauna Cube With Lounge 4 x 3m is delivered unassembled. Complete and detailed self assembly instructions are included, with drawings.

It should take two people approximately 10 hours to assemble your cabin.

Approximate weight: 1620kg

Pallet Size: 4.4 x 1.2 x 2.6m


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